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    The benefits of ham



The Mediterranean diet is one of the most beneficial for our body because it is the ideal combination of nutrients, all in perspective. Any of the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet is equally beneficial for our body. This is the case of the serrano ham, a food full of benefits.

The ham is obtained from pork, and after a long process of salting and air drying, the ham is ready to be consumed. This process ensures that the ham is a completely natural food and no coloring or preservatives are added , besides it is an important source of protein for our body, so we can say it's a good ally in any sports diet .

Around the ham have always existed false myths, many people believe that it is a high fat food that harms our health rather than help. This is not true, and that only adds 160 calories per 100 grams of product, being a very good food for people who follow a diet or do not want to consume too many calories .

But what stands out the ham is to be a rich source of high quality protein. Around 31 grams per 100 are proteins. Very high values that have to be considered, particularly for those who follow a diet high in this nutrient because they are looking for muscle growth. In addition to this we must add the high biological value of the proteins of ham, and that are easily assimilated by the body .

It is also a rich source of B vitamins, B1 is specifically responsible for maintaining the proper functioning of the brain, nerve cells and heart. The B3 vitamin is directly related to the growth and it facilitates the production of energy through food. And the B6 combined with oleic acid containing ham helps prevent cardiovascular disease , and help regulate cholesterol .

It is food that also contains large amounts of iron and zinc that are essential in our body. The iron is easily absorbed by the body, and zinc that is essential to have a properly functioning immune system and proper growth and development of individuals. Therefore the ham is a good food for children.

Serrano ham is a 100% natural food. His maturation process follows natural steps and artisans and it is also a pure and aseptic food.

From now on the ham must begin to occupy a place in our diet as an ally for the proper functioning of our body. If we are athletes is important that we regularly ingest ham because we need to recover our muscles with protein and minerals.