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The lush green landscape Almanzora Valley leads to Seron, a beautiful village located on the northern slope of the Sierra de los Filabres, an excellent land with irrigated vines and orange trees.

The Almanzora River crosses a region that, going north, communicates with the Sierra de las Estancias and extends in a triangle towards the foothills of the Sierra de Baza in the province of Granada and according to the West down to the Mediterranean Sea.

The terrain is rugged and the orogenic core is composed of secondary limestone substrate Paleozoic slates, being argillaceous sediments, marls and conglomerates deposited in the sea that occupied the area during the Tertiary continental inputs and Pliocene and Quaternary, the agents responsible for the erosion brought from the nearby mountains.

Seron is located at a distance from the capital Almeria 127 kms. and at an altitude of 822 m. above sea level, occupying an area of 165.86 km2. It has a population of 2,398 inhabitants, of whom 1,174 are men and 1,154 women (according to statistical census of January 1, 2012).

The construction of their homes is done in steps on the hill on which it stands, with manicured streets in costs, with facades covered with lime and attractive striking in its plazas and fountains . Saw Its climate has allowed the existence of its famous products, especially the hams. Great encouragement has always been river fishing for trout in the river Bacares, and small game in numerous public and private preserves, mainly that of the partridge, pigeon, hare and rabbit.