JAMONES SEGURA S.L. is a family business dedicated to the production of Serrano ham of Seron since 1975. The company is located in Seron ( Almeria ) , a town at the foot of the Sierra de Los Filabres, known for its tradition of producing and curing hams.

Since then, the SEGURA family has always endeavored to produce a totally natural way quality products, raw material selecting, researching the ham ripening processes and innovating in their hygiene controls, safety and traceability.

At the same time, JAMONES SEGURA respected art tradition ham and some of the processes used have remained unchanged in the company for over 30 years, as well as natural ingredients as important as air, the silence, the weather...

Ingredients in this land of Seron are very generous, thanks to the natural surroundings of this town in the interior of Almeria, where nature has hardly been altered and which houses some of the primary forests of the Sierra de Los Filabres .

The experience of our masters of ham is reflected in each of the pieces that come out of our natural drying on your point of ripeness so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

The manufacturing process of our hams guarantee the absence of dyes, preservatives or artificial flavoring that comes to your table not simply the authentic taste of ham and the expertise of SEGURA.

Our Ham has the recognition of quality certificates (ISO 22000, ETG Serrano Ham, Partner Serrano Ham Foundation and Certified Quality seal) evidencing an elaboration of the ham with the highest health checks, product traceability and traditional and natural treatment.